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We are pleased to find you here. If you are a student or a parent, researching probable avenues of quality education, you have come to the right place.

Please take out some time to explore the site. We hope that the information we have given here will be enough to pique your interest, and you will feel confident to join the GSIS community.

If there are questions, and of course there will be, please do not hesitate to call us, or just drop in if you are in the vicinity. We hope to see you soon at the GSIS.

GSIS was established in 1992
O’ and A’ Level started in 1998
First O/A Level batches qualified in 2001

Global System Of Integrated Studies – GSIS School and College is situated in Islamabad, Pakistan. The GSIS School offering Montessori and Elementary classes has been functioning since September 1992. The School was upgraded to College in January 1998.

The GSIS College offers O & A levels and provides the educational programme of the Cambridge University. It is a registered center for the Cambridge International examination (CIE). Our Center Number is PK101.

GSIS Teaching Concept

At the GSIS schools, we strive for academic excellence in a realistic learning environment. We look after the intellectual and spiritual growth of students on a personalized basis and focus on a child’s educational upbringing as a whole.

We work towards an integrated curriculum that reaches across disciplines and age levels. Independence of belief, thought and action are developed in the young minds right from the day they become part of the GSIS community.

We believe that it is essential for educational processes to help integrate the new generation into society. Values of human dignity, honesty, compassion, justice and equality rooted in the philosophy of religion as well as societal ethicology guide us in our work.

We strive hard to maintain this excellence in working closely with the parents as well as international educational research.